Micco Grönholm om varumärken & marknadsföring

Etikett: Starbucks

  • Svenska varumärken i internationella media | Maj 2011

    Under april uppmärksammades bl.a. svenskt kaffe, svenskt smågodis, svenska skönhetsprodukter och svensk reklam i internationella medier.

  • Use sociology to boost your brand

    If your brand has a philosophical vision beyond the product, if it strives to claim a place in the culture instead of only on the shelves, then people who like it are going to like it even more and in a much deeper sense than if your brand is the average “trying-to-be-liked-by-everyone brand”. People will…

  • Blinded by your own product

    Starbucks increased focus on product tactics and strategy – its inability to see beyond the product – has caused the results to falter. And as the results falter, the focus on the product becomes more intense. So the vicious cycle begins. Today, Starbucks is obsessed with coffee and has brushed aside why they were selling…