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Etikett: The idiot’s guide to marketing

  • The idiot’s guide to marketing, chapter 2

    Not nice. Gorgeous. There is a lot of talk about brands these days. But many seem to have a muddled view of what they really are. There are those who still talk about brands as if they were the actual product. Many believe that it’s all about a name and a symbol. Others believe that…

  • The idiot’s guide to marketing, chapter 1 (incl. background)

    The idiot’s guide to marketing. I spoke to Per Robert Öhlin the other day about new blog ideas. We decided to publish the last part from his book ”Let’s get gorgeous!”, a branding casebook about Camitz Sparkling Vodka. So here it is, the world’s first branding blog relay, by Micco Grönholm & Per Robert Öhlin.…