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Möt »The Brand-Man« (en intervju på Twingly Blog)

Twingly är ett svenskt företag som erbjuder underbart enkla och smarta webbtjänster för att koppla samman dina affärer med sociala medier. Förra året rankades Twingly som en av de snabbast växande teknologiföretagen, av revisions- och konsultföretaget Deloitte.

Twinglys blogg kan du framöver läsa intervjuer med personer som, enligt Twingly, är »the opinion leaders, influencers and well-connected bloggers from our home country«. Först ut var »The Brand-Man« (vilket känns overkligt och mycket hedrande). Näst på tur står Joakim Jardenberg.

I intervjun med mig får du bl.a. reda på vad jag tycker om mitt alias, alltså »The Brand-Man«, hur jag använt och använder mitt bloggande och de sociala medierna i mitt yrke samt vad jag tycker att du skall tänka på om du vill använda sociala medier för att bygga ditt personliga varumärke.

Här nedan kan du läsa delar av intervjun. Vill du läsa hela finns den på Twingly Blog.

You are a well-known blogger in the Swedish blogosphere. Do you find clients through your blog?
Many of the companies I work with aren’t based in Sweden, but most of them have some kind of connection to Sweden. Naturally, my blog has created visibility for my professional competence, as well as increased my reach. It has probably generated new clients, but I usually don’t ask.

Did you have goals you wanted to achieve with the blog?
I have always seen my blog as a compilation of my knowledge. Especially in the beginning, I blogged for myself. But already in my first post about the meaning of the word “marketing” in Swedish the CEO of the Swedish Marketing Association [Jan Fager] wrote a comment. I couldn’t believe it since I had never been in contact with him before. Then I thought “Wow this is powerful” and it motivated me a lot.

Slowly I realized that the blog was a powerful personal brand booster as well. Back then I was fairly unknown in Sweden for what I did, also since most of my clients weren’t from Sweden. To validate my “authority” in branding I got the idea to let other, more well-known experts in the field of brand development and marketing write guest posts on my site. I asked them, and since most of them knew me they agreed. Until now there have been more than 30 guest writers on micco.se. This also helped to gain readers and followers, both on the blog but also on other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Now people in the industry know in broader terms who I am.

On your blog, you are calling yourself “The Brand-Man”. What’s the story behind that?
It was a colleague who gave me that name. During that time I liked it, it served a purpose. Now I’m actually thinking about abandoning it. It has created a persona that I’m not comfortable with. I don’t want to be seen as a guru, but that’s what the name implies.

What’s your recommendation to people who want to use a blog for personal brand creation?
First of all, having that as the main goal decreases the chances of success. Instead, I seriously recommend that you think about the purpose behind blogging and then find a niche that isn’t already taken. You need to be really good at something and really passionate about it.

And your personal secret for increasing reach and visibility in the social media sphere?
Identify the opinion leaders and multiplicators out there and engage with them, comment on their content, share it, and link to them. By offering value you increase chances to get favours back. I have followed this path quite consistently and I hope that all the people I have “used” feel that they got something back as well. I’m thankful for everyone who has shared my articles and spread the word about me. Apart from making use of your or other people’s network, being genuinely nice and helpful without expecting something back might be a piece of good advice as well.

Hela intervjun finns att läsa på Twingly Blog.




6 svar till ”Möt »The Brand-Man« (en intervju på Twingly Blog)”

  1. Profilbild för Christer Edman

    Great intervew Micco! I think of you as the Brand-Man – Micco Grönholm and should only add your own not remove anything. It’s Great Marketing and I like you are so humble to talk about not being an expert. But if you feel more comfortable being Micco Grönholm then it’s great too. You are already a Brand-Man 😀

    But the fact is you are #1 and have been chosen for this reason many times and as long as you are leading is this something we need more of in Sweden. There are many people talking without knowing and actually doing which is one of the most important reasons why Sweden is currently behind in using social media.

    I know how important the personal reputation is and have hired Per Frykman and Karin Sandin to check out my own since this is what I care about and listen to.

    Keep on with your blogging and spread the importance of doing it with a purpose and make it to something unique. One of the first blog articles I was attracted to was one of yours and I really like you have some of Sweden’s best guest bloggers!

  2. Profilbild för Per Robert Öhlin

    Bra jobbat, Micco! Imponerad. Verkligen djupt imponerad över vad du har byggt under så kort tid. Grattis. Och du, behåll namnet. Vad du än tycker är det inarbetat. Fortsätt så här.

  3. Profilbild för George A. Berglund

    The blog is the best of its kind. You are you, and you have done this. The name of the blog did not create the blog, you did. So if you want to get rid of the name, it is perfectly OK. You can create anything with a different name. As long as you do as you should. It’s about the person, not the name.

  4. Profilbild för martin

    Det här är en grym blogg, det har jag sagt otalt gånger förr och jag står fast vid att du borde göra bok av din kunskap. Det som slår mig i den här intervjun är den beundransvärda inställning du har. För framgångsrikt det har det ju uppenbarligen varit, både vad gäller karriären och bloggen. Trots det är du fortsatt ödmjuk inför din egen kunskap och för andra människors åsikter och tankar. Det är egenskaper som är få förunnat vill jag påstå i en värld där mången får hybris och plötsligt blir en annan så fort de kommit in i kunskapens finrum. Släpp aldrig det!

  5. Profilbild för Johan Körner

    Fantastiskt kul att det går bra för dig. Det är du verkligen värd. The Brand-Man är en aldrig sinande källa av visdom och inspiration. Och dina klokheter är alltid presenterade med stor ödmjukhet och självdistans. Som sagt, fortsätt så här.

  6. Profilbild för Eau De Online

    Interesting interview, have been thinking of implementing Twingly on my shop for while…

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