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  • The idiot’s guide to marketing, chapter 13

    Epilogue. New problems have occurred. New improvements have been made, and new members have joined the team. There is a long way to go and new chapters will, surely, have to be written, but one thing is for certain. It is going steadily forward. Maybe the crazy idea about the sparkling vodka, isn’t so crazy…

  • The idiot’s guide to marketing, chapter 12

    The Camitz Manifesto. Nine humble pieces of advice if you want to build a brand that people actually care about.

  • The idiot’s guide to marketing, chapter 10

    The curious fool. Little by little, people of the twenty-first century have started to see that the world is balanced over a steep ravine between two idea cultures. We are on the way out of one of them, the one that belongs to Mr. Spock and his hardboiled cronies. The other one is marching forward.…