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The idiot’s guide to marketing, chapter 12

Do it with originality. That is the first prerequisite for development and creative thinking. What is the point of doing something that has already been done?

Do it meaningfully. This is the second prerequisite for development and creative thinking. No meaning, no benefit. Without benefit, what’s the point in doing it at all?

Do it with taste and style. Regard the world as a mirror. An ugly grimace reflects back on yourself. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Do it with a touch of integrity. Don’t let others walk all over you. You are certainly better than you think you are.

Do it thoroughly. Too many things in the world today are done with little or no thought. Let you hands follow your thoughts. The meaning of life is to be so focused on doing what you want to do, that you are too preoccupied to bother about the meaning of life.

Do it in an ethical way. Be honest, and true with good intentions. This way your chance to be who you want to be increases.

Do it wrong. In the rear view mirror mistakes are always wrong. In a future perspective mistakes count for hope and power. Mistakes essentially are all about letting your thoughts be exposed to more possibilities.

Do it because you enjoy it. Life is here and now. Just like a game, for games help you develop. Do it with a smile, or do something else.

But above all else,

Do it gorgeously! We are short on beauty and passion in the world. It doesn’t cost more to produce than the ugly and cynical. And the world does not become any more beautiful and passionate if you cut corners with craft and aesthetics.

Read the final chapter on Mine goes to eleven and The Brand-Man, September 19: “Epilogue.”


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