The Brand-Man
Micco Grönholm om marknadsföring och branding

  • The idiot’s guide to marketing, chapter 4

    Spock vs. Gump. When you have the answers to the questions ”What?”, ”How?” and ”Why?” you also have the starting point for the brand’s strategy, tactics and culture. Not one of these three aspects can give a complete picture of the brand, because it doesn’t have one, but together they provide a fairly accurate image.…

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  • The idiot’s guide to marketing, chapter 2

    Not nice. Gorgeous. There is a lot of talk about brands these days. But many seem to have a muddled view of what they really are. There are those who still talk about brands as if they were the actual product. Many believe that it’s all about a name and a symbol. Others believe that…

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  • The idiot’s guide to marketing, chapter 1 (incl. background)

    The idiot’s guide to marketing. I spoke to Per Robert Öhlin the other day about new blog ideas. We decided to publish the last part from his book ”Let’s get gorgeous!”, a branding casebook about Camitz Sparkling Vodka. So here it is, the world’s first branding blog relay, by Micco Grönholm & Per Robert Öhlin.…

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