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How to find your Why

Gästinlägg av Simon Sinek

I have a test for you. Do you know what you believe?

I’m being serious. No matter if you’re a company, a non-profit, an executive, a politician, a CEO or just an average Joe – do you know what you believe?

And I don’t mean a list of things. I mean the one, overriding belief that guides all the decisions you make.

If you’re a leader of some sort and the answer is no, then how do you know who to hire? How do you know what message to put out to employees to inspire loyalty? What message to tell your customers to inspire them to buy from you? How do you know when you’re being authentic or not?

If you’re not a leader, how do you know what job to take? How do you decide what leader you should follow, to give your undying loyalty? How do you know which companies truly have your best interests in mind?

It’s pretty important to know, no?


Here’s the test. Grab a piece of paper and write a sentence that starts with ”I believe…”

But there are some rules:

  1. You must only write one sentence.
  2. And you may not use any of the following words:
    • Best (or similar qualifier),
    • Quality,
    • Price,
    • Service,
    • Features,
    • Innovation or innovative and, most importantly,
    • You may not mention what you do or any product or service you sell.

If you can write one sentence that feels right, then you’re well on your way to knowing your Why.

If you’re up for the challenge, and you’d like to email your results, send them to Ibelieve@sinekpartners.com and I’ll get back to you to help in any way I can.

P.S. I did the test – and here’s my belief:

I believe that no matter how smart you are or how good your ideas are, the only way to thrive in the world is if you have the ability to inspire those around you.

Simon Sinek undervisar företagsledare i konsten att inspirera människor. Han konsulterar, skriver och håller tal runt om i världen om kraften i ett tydligt Varför – om syftet, meningen, tron på något som en stark drivkraft hos oss alla. Simons lika enkla som geniala idé, The Golden Circle, är baserad på biologin bakom människans beslutsprocess.

Simon bor i New York, där han undervisar i strategisk kommunikation på Columbia University.
Hans första bok, Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, kom ut i oktober 2009.


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